3 Ways to Use Your Shopping Addiction for Good


The Lord calls us to be good stewards of our money. In Luke 16, Jesus tells a parable about a master and his money manager. After the manager makes a dishonest deal, the master asks him, “If you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” The same applies to our lives today. How can the Lord trust us with true riches of this life and the next if we aren’t managing our money in a way that pleases Him?

I’m sure many, if not all, of you know what it’s like being on a budget.  As a recent college grad with student and car loans, my budget is tight! And when money is tight, it can be challenging to budget in a way that makes a Kingdom impact, meaning your money is used to spread the Gospel.

And then there is that shopping addiction…we’re all girls here, I know you can relate. Apart from tithing, how can we set aside money for ministries we’re passionate about and still have money for the necessities? This is where shopping with a purpose comes in, and the art of purchasing items thoughtfully and strategically.

Here are 3 Ways to Use Your Shopping Addiction for Good:


We get drawn in by the convenience of online shopping, but if you want your purchases to be meaningful, and want to continue seeing those local shops you love, drive the extra mile and spend the extra $10. It’s worth it! Shopping locally even provides a way to cultivate relationships with store owners in our community, and ultimately can lead to opportunities for sharing the Gospel. There are so many amazing local shops in Oklahoma City that you can support: Cuppies and Joe, Tree and Leaf, Collected Thread, Blue Seven, Plenty Mercantile, to name a few. For more, check out the Keep It Local directory.

2. fair trade

Fair trade stores are full of products that are made by people in third world countries.  By purchasing their products, you are providing a livelihood for people who would otherwise have no way to make an income. And the best part is, fair trade stores can be found almost anywhere. My favorites are Shop Good, Global Market and Earthbound.

3. Kingdom-impact Shopping

Every now and again you run into a shop that donates a percentage of their money to missions or ministry.  By shopping here, your purchases have a double impact! Here are a few that I love that are Kingdom minded: Altar’d State, The Gift Goes On and Harvest Ethiopia.

Giving generously to Gospel-centered causes while on a budget can be challenging at times. But, with these tips we can make our money go the extra mile. Happy (guilt-free) shopping, ladies!

What are your favorite local and fair trade places to shop? Do you know of other online or local companies that have a Kingdom-impacting mission?

Share your guilt-free shopping ideas below!

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Meet the Author!

Tallie Thompson is the daughter of CRBC's senior pastor, Rick Thompson. She is an artist that has a heart for missions and children's ministry and enjoys teaching grade schoolers on Sunday mornings. When she isn't traveling, she enjoys sipping on a cup of coffee with her family and friends in good ol' OKC.