I’m Single and I Love Valentine's Day (Really!)


In 7th grade, I had an actual Valentine on Valentine’s Day. A few weeks prior to the big day, he started to sit by me in church (equivalent to a date when you are 12 years old) and even called me on the phone a few times. Things were going so well. That year, Valentine’s Day just so happened to fall on a Sunday. I found myself walking down the hallway with a friend when my Valentine came up behind us, wrapped his middle school boy twig arm around me and gave me a chocolate rose. In my mind, was this a diamond ring? Yes. Yes it was. But then, I looked across at my friend and saw that he had also given her a chocolate rose/diamond ring and had his other twig arm around her. “Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies” he said. Happy Valentine’s Day...ladies?! In what universe?! That was the day that I realized that Valentine’s Day can be slightly disappointing (although not as disappointing as middle school boys.)

Thankfully, 7th grade came and went and through the years I've had a legitimate Valentine on Valentine's Day only one other time when I was in my early twenties. Do you want to know what’s funny? I seriously cannot remember what we did to celebrate. What I do remember are lots of crazy, fun memories because I made it a point some time ago to NEVER wallow about being single on Valentine’s Day.

This doesn’t mean I never wallow. Being single can be really hard, just like being married can be really hard. I don’t want to dismiss that. I love so many things about being single and really value this time in my life, but some days it feels a little bit harder than others. Valentine’s Day, whether I like it or not, can be one of those days. So I came to the decision long ago that wallowing on Valentine’s Day is absolutely not an option because there is too much love to celebrate in my life. On top of that, being one of those people that hates Valentine’s Day simply did not seem fun.

Here are a few ideas I’ve found to be tried and true if you’re looking for ways to celebrate Valentin's Day:

  • Galentine’s Day celebrations with pasta, chocolate, and candles. Invite women you know well or women you want to get to know and enjoy time together!

  • Dress up with a friend and take yourselves out to a really nice dinner. I still remember the scallops I ate and how fun that evening turned out to be!

  • Give a little love to someone who might be in the hospital or a nursing home who would really appreciate a little brightness and cheer from someone they love.
  • Hang out with your favorite married friends. It can be tricky, but when you find the right combination, it’s a total blast. This year I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day for the second year in a row with my sister and some of our best friends who are married. Torchy’s tacos and a movie, here we come.
  • Put together a fun package filled with happy things for a friend far away or nearby. My mom still to this day gives my sister and I the funniest little Valentine’s gifts and we love it!

This year, the beginning of Lent falls on Valentine’s Day. How’s that for perspective? Join us at CRBC as we reflect on the greatest love we could ever know. Our Ash Wednesday service starts at 6 PM in the WorshipCenter.

No matter where you are in life, we are all created by God to give and receive love. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Meet the Author!

Makenzie graduated from Wheaton College where she majored in Christian Ministry, Urban Studies, and Photography and somehow managed to apply all of her degrees to work in the real world! She has a passion for community development after years working in urban ministry in Chicago, non-profits in Austin, and part-time roles at CRBC the past 4&1/2 years. She loves being able to equip and serve the church and recently stepped into the full-time role as Minister of Missions at CRBC which includes both local and global partnerships. Despite being the missions minister, she is quite the homebody. She is an avid Harry Potter fan, loves Oklahoma City, and loves to be with her friends, family, and ADORABLE weenie dog, May.