The Love of a Praying Mom


I know I’m guilty.  But, I tell myself it is only because I love my children so much!

Let’s just say I’ve been known to “reason” with God in prayer, explaining the brilliance of my personal plan, hoping He’ll get in line with my great idea to fix the problem for my beloved child… within MY time frame, of course! Thankfully, God grins and patiently redirects me to something better.

God is showing me a way to protect myself (and my children) from my foolishly shortsighted prayer requests.

As a young mom, I was anxious about an issue in my daughter’s 2nd grade class that was totally out of my control. New to prayer, I wanted to learn how to pray for my children. It is part of loving them! When I heard about Moms in Prayer International, a group where two or more local moms gather to pray for their children and schools, I was quick to attend.

It was there that I learned to begin prayer with PRAISE, expressing my love to God. Praise is remembering who He is.

  • Through praise scriptures, I’m learning to love the One I’m praying to, trusting Him to  love on the ones I’m praying about, as only He knows how.
  • Focusing on God’s character first is helping me to stop trying to boss God around with my prayers. He is Wise. He is Kind. He is the Provider. He is the Master Planner. He is Love.  I want His will to be done, not mine!

For God is the King of all the earth; sing to Him a psalm of praise.
— Psalm 47:7

Prayer is one of the greatest privileges moms have. It opens the gate of God’s love over our children and grandchildren. And, through praise (speaking what is true about God), I am basking in God’s love for me too!

Want to use this and other great prayer strategies as you love your children through prayer? Check out these Prayer Sheets complete with power-filled scripture verses where you can insert your child’s name.  

Join me, beginning Wednesdays in March at 12:30 p.m. in the CUBE, for a church-based Moms in Prayer International group. Or ask me for help about starting a group for your child’s school. 

How has praising God first in prayer helped you regain perspective on how to pray through problems?


Meet the Author!

Gayle Hadden and her recently retired husband, Terry, are now back in Oklahoma City, getting plugged into Council Road Baptist Church as home group leaders. They are parents to three adult children and their spouses and are blessed with three adorable grandchildren. Gayle loves seeing God’s hand in nature, playing with grandkids, travel, birding and chocolate (dark please!) Serving Moms in Prayer International as a USA Division Coordinator for the seven Heartland states, she’s passionate about getting children and schools covered in prayer. Email her at