Fashionista With A Purpose: Interview with Melissa Inge

I had so much fun sitting down with my friend, Melissa Inge, to hear her story about how God has used her love of fashion for the good of those across the globe. By supporting organizations like Noonday Collection and Harvest Ethiopia, she has become an advocate for providing economic freedom for women and men in vulnerable communities. 

I know you’ll love hearing her story and our hope is that her uniquely beautiful story helps you discover your unique design, so you can live out the purpose God has given you.

Melissa always had a love for fashion, but never dreamed this was a God-given gift that could be used for greater good. Enjoy our chat...and go out and live your beautiful, unique life well!

Melissa Inge is wife to Rudy and Mom to Lexie & London, who considers herself a master Uber driver at this phase of life. She is an advocate for those in third world countries, by championing companies like Noonday Collection and Harvest Ethiopia, creating jobs for vulnerable women and men. The Inge family live in Yukon and have been part of CRBC for 13 years.

Shop Harvest Ethiopia, a company founded by Tom and Kendra Crabtree, CRBC members, who are currently living in Ethiopia to create jobs for vulnerable women. And mark your calendars for the purchasing-with-a-purpose event we mentioned: The Gift Goes On! November 14 from 6 to 9 p.m. at The Cube!


Meet the Author!

Heather McAnear is a wife, mom, author and speaker with a passion for sharing God's truth to help women understand their uniquely beautiful design and how to use it for God's glory! She loves teaching young married couples with her husband, homeschooling their three children, traveling the world, enjoying good chocolate and long conversations in coffee shops. CRBC has been her church home for two decades and she is thrilled to be part of the Women's Ministry team, helping women connect with each other and grow in their walk with Jesus!