Our Women’s Summer Book Clubs begin…THIS WEEK! I attended the first one and it was one of the best small group discussions I have EVER experienced. What made it such an unusually great experience…


These girls ALL shared in the discussion. They didn’t leave it up to one or two members. (This makes me crazy as a group member AND leader!) Not everyone shared equally, but everyone did participate.

What people who never share in group discussions don’t seem to realize
is that their silence negatively impacts themselves AND other group members.

They don’t get answers to questions or support for concerns they never share. Oddly enough, their very silence can lead them to feeling unknown, disconnected and uncared for by others. By keeping insights and comments to themselves, they also miss the opportunity to be a positive encouragement to others.


The ladies in the Book Club I attended didn’t stare at their books when the facilitator asked a question. They didn’t give vague, hypothetical, surface or cleaned-up churchy sounding answers. They got personal.

I’ve been part of a gazillion groups and this one dynamic takes a ho-hum, just-another-group experience and catapults it to a whole different level. Vulnerability breeds closer connections. And the bottom line is this:

When you share your stuff, it makes it’s easier for others to share their stuff.

But someone must share first!

The potential for meaningful friendship and community is one small group away. So…join a group and make it the best discussion ever!